Saturday, December 06, 2008

Remember Remember the 5th of December

Remember remember ,,, the 5th of December

Most of the new generation in Bahrain doesn't know what is 5th of December mean to the history of this country , it’s the date that the national security arrested Ali Salman because of his activity in demanding reform and returning back to 1973 constitution, so the things want just a sign to explode so it was.

Link that to the great film "v for Vendetta" the best film I ever seen in entire my life, and believe it or not I watch it more than 100 times, and still I enjoy it

Its just start with remember remember the 5th of November, just change it to 5th of December and link the events and situations to what we have here in home land, I will just try to pick up some words from that film

We are told to remember the idea

and not the man

Because a man can fail

you cannot kiss an idea

cannot touch it or hold it

Ideas do not bleed.

They do not feel pain

They do not love

And it is not an idea that I miss

There is something wrong with this country

Here I will stop to say that truly there are some thing wrong with our country, there are discrimination, there are Gangs controlling this country, and they have the power to do so and we , how we are weak , can't stop them

If you are looking to guilty you only need to look to the mirror

This is what always media telling us, we are the wrong, and they are the wise, they want to develop this country but we are the one who complaining and only complaining and for the homeland to be better, they should change us so they are doing this

People should not be afraid from their governments,

governments should afraid from their peoples

Compare it with what we have here in and see who is afraid from whom?

Violence can be used for good

And this is one of the roles that I am afraid one day we will think of it to protect this country from these gangs , as its been used now from them to kill us, tutor us

But the end result,

the true genius of the plan, was the fear

and for us to know why they are succeed until now we should know this, its our fear not their power, its our ideas which is need to be change

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