Saturday, December 13, 2008

video from citizen jounalism blowing the Naturalization to the street

before 3 days, in one of the popular web sites in Bahrain "bahrainonline" one of the members wrote a short post saying

"before a while, women shouting at the hospital Doggoning the naturalization" he did not write any thing more than putting a link to video seems he shot it,

in the video it was showing a women, she was screaming, shouting, against those who brought from all other world just to change the majority from shitte to Sunni in Bahrain, the women was screaming bu salman , mean the king of Bahrain, she was saying come and see those who you brought from all other world and gave them houses and nationality and all other facilities that the original citizen can't get, come and see what did they do to us.

the story behind this is a fight happen before two days from that video been post, between one of the original citizen and those who brought from out side and they hit him, this is not the first time and it will not be the last time as its happening all the time, so Essa went to the police as a wetness saying that those Naturalized is guilty and Emad, which is the one who got the fight is not, then, the naturalized went to essa home asking him why you want to support this Bahrani? meaning why you want to support this and he is shitte, he said there are no different , so they hit him with all the what they can get and he went to hospital with Coma for 2 days and his sister was shouting at that situation.

i don't want to talk much about the story as i want to high how the citizen media could bring causes up , because that member shot the film and publish it in one of the most popular sites in Bahrain, with in two days more than 10000 watched that video in YouTube, and because it was women shouting, people couldn't standby and they want to support her, and because of all the announcement and news with updates posted via online media either blogger or forums or any other media, the cause was blowing up and with in two days, Hamad town where the fight happen and its mixed, Sunni and Shitte , they were going day by day just to kick those naturalized out of the city as they were brought because they royal family want, albandar cells wants. the good is, the demonstration happen wasn't only shitte, it was mixed between sunni and shitte, also its the first time since 50s that sunni and shitte been in one side against the police and security forces who already brought from the same countries that those naturalized came

this video if it not shot, no one will give a shit about what is going on, its something normal fights between original and naturalized, just two week ago, a boy been kidnapped and Rape without any real move, its only this the chance brought this camera man at that time to the hospital
Citizen media successful to bring this cause up and successful to keep it updated, life, and continue to feed it with ideas , it keep the news life about what is going in that area and about the how the security forces is moving and what is the situation there
and again, because every thing was documented, either by video or picture or any other documentary tools, its the first time that things happen since 4 years, and the ministry of interior just keep quite, they can't talk about any thing, they are just quite , no statement , no details about what is going on, they are just protecting the house of this guilty naturalized Syrian person

and all of that because the citizen media developed their way of working

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