Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In your day, to where you are leading us

This just a short message to the king of Bahrain, Shaikh Hamad, and it can be short as " to where you are leading this homeland?"
Just want to say that I really can't understand the situation here in Bahrain, what is going on? Why this country should be always in trouble and problems, why there are always a politic issue, one should delete the other? Why you can't feel peace and secure, why you are always Accused and have this Doubt about your loyalty and your move.
In Your day I will just ask for the god sake some peace for this homeland, some right, some justice
People doesn't want any thing more
Just secure and peace
Can you provide us with this in the next year?


Anonymous said...

I have been informed that a royal response to you question: Can you provide us with this in the next year? is on its way to you.
It reads: No. Why should I bother?.


Ali Abdulemam said...

why they should bother?
totally agree with you aburasool
thanks for your visit