Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ministry without mistake again in the headlines

After the Hibernation of ministry of interior , that after his speech about attending conference outside Bahrain, he is again in the headlines of the media, he is talking now, but he is saying that he is not happy with the law of demonstration and he will ask for changing it to be more difficult and allow them to have more power and more authorities to use the force, base on alwasatnews about the yesterday events, he insist that if any and for any reason, breake the rolse , he have the authorities to use the force not only for that person, but for all of those who are there and its not his mistake, the the mistake of them been with this number one who breake the rolse?
in other word he is talking about the Collective punishment , the problem is not 15 person going out for domenstration or for protest, he can punish the village or the town, and i think he can punish all the homeland base on his understanding , there are no qustions to those who organize this event, its a qustion for why you live here
this ministery couldn't change the image from the black period to the new reform period and stuck with the same tools and same mentality
at the end, as its always, its our mistake

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