Monday, March 29, 2010

who to blame in Bin Rajab gate

One of my friends called me one day and keep talking about Bin Rajab money loundry, he was refering to the royal order to dismiss Mansoor Bin Rajab from the Council of Ministers and he was saying that the king will find some one to tell him again that shitte is not trustable and you cannot give them more rights, see what this guy who you give him every thing and what he did to you, and he was afraid that thier will be more discrimination againest shiitte, well i simply answered him, this royal family doesn't need any reason to deal with us as a second citizen, plus, based on 2002 conistitution the ministers is reported to the king who is assigning them and fire them so the one who is responsible for this mistake in choosen the wrong men is not the sector as its the king him self, so if any one wants to blame some one for bin rajab gate, please forward your blame to your king

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

silence point about bin rajab case

People here are busy trying to know the true fact about bin rajab case, and they are so busy to know more, some of them are guided by the identity, either i am shitte or sunni so it will guide me to be supporter or not, but i am thinking of two point

the first one is why only this case they toke it to the cort, forget about all the other things, i think of one reason, and the ministry of interior mentioned it, its about getting a call from out side intellegence and here is the main reason this government it seems got a direct message either you stop this guy or bahrain will be in black list for the money laundary.

the second one is when they asked the reigme about arresting bin rajab, doesn't he have immunity? the answer come, no, in 1973 contisitution they were having this immunity but not any more in 2002 constitution, so it seems we can all take the ministers to the police office, so all of us could take any one we want
please prepair your list