Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the bad A9eel (a9eel=sa5eef)

pic by Hussain Khalaf
A9eel is a BIG campaign running by Tamkeen seeking for work ethics and improving the performance of Bahraini workers

as its state in A9eel website the mission is "To ignite thoughts of the work attitudes that will lead to improved employee productivity thus contributing to the economic development of the Kingdom of Bahrain."

once you read that, you will say thats good, but once you go deeply you will find that a9eel is design to protect the rich people againest the poor people, its design to give the lords of money more than what he deserve, and those poor people more blaming, a9eel is just design by the money that those manpower gaive it to tamkeen , and yeah tamkeen is running our money in insulting us, we are paying the money not to insult us, but can any news paper write about this, can any one just tell us why the Bahraini workers at the end tamkeen discovered they are lazy, not good workers, always late, not good performance, and is this the reason for the naturlaization?

its a big shame and a big shit for tamkeen to do this for us and by using our money,

a9eel have a group in facebook , i join it to write something againest it, but its telling me, post is filter?????
good campaign if i can't share my view on it