Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bahrain News Agency not responding, not active

i used to follow up the government news via which is public for a long time now, but its stopped since 17th Dec without any update as it look like our state is not exists any more for few days????

check the site

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ministry without mistake again in the headlines

After the Hibernation of ministry of interior , that after his speech about attending conference outside Bahrain, he is again in the headlines of the media, he is talking now, but he is saying that he is not happy with the law of demonstration and he will ask for changing it to be more difficult and allow them to have more power and more authorities to use the force, base on alwasatnews about the yesterday events, he insist that if any and for any reason, breake the rolse , he have the authorities to use the force not only for that person, but for all of those who are there and its not his mistake, the the mistake of them been with this number one who breake the rolse?
in other word he is talking about the Collective punishment , the problem is not 15 person going out for domenstration or for protest, he can punish the village or the town, and i think he can punish all the homeland base on his understanding , there are no qustions to those who organize this event, its a qustion for why you live here
this ministery couldn't change the image from the black period to the new reform period and stuck with the same tools and same mentality
at the end, as its always, its our mistake

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

في كل ديسمبر ، الأمن في خطر

السيد مجيد العلوي، معارض من الثمانينيات، قضى شبابه في المهجر والمنفى، معارض ساخر دائم ما يشيع روح الفكاهة بين من يجلسون معه، ولكنه المعارض الأول الذي انطلق من منفى الثورة، إلى بلاط الوزارة، وتبعته بعد ذلك جحافل المعارضين إلا من رحم ربي
كان يقول في احدى قصائده العصماء
في كل ديمسبر
الأمن في خطر
وهو بذلك يجلب لنا أجمل الأوصاف، ديمسبر هو شهر احتفالات العائلة باعيادها الوطنية، وهو في نفس الوقت شهر احتفالات المعارضة باعيادها الثورية، هناك عيد وطني، وهناك عيد شهداء، هناك وقت جلوس على العرش، وهناك وقت ابتداء الانتفاضة، هناك تجدد للغناء وهناك تجدد للمظاهرات
ولا يمر عام إلا وشهر ديمسبر به من الاعتقالات ما يجددها ، يلغي جنائييها ليجلب سياسييها،
وهذا ديمسبر آخر، أمن الوطن في خطر

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In your day, to where you are leading us

This just a short message to the king of Bahrain, Shaikh Hamad, and it can be short as " to where you are leading this homeland?"
Just want to say that I really can't understand the situation here in Bahrain, what is going on? Why this country should be always in trouble and problems, why there are always a politic issue, one should delete the other? Why you can't feel peace and secure, why you are always Accused and have this Doubt about your loyalty and your move.
In Your day I will just ask for the god sake some peace for this homeland, some right, some justice
People doesn't want any thing more
Just secure and peace
Can you provide us with this in the next year?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

video from citizen jounalism blowing the Naturalization to the street

before 3 days, in one of the popular web sites in Bahrain "bahrainonline" one of the members wrote a short post saying

"before a while, women shouting at the hospital Doggoning the naturalization" he did not write any thing more than putting a link to video seems he shot it,

in the video it was showing a women, she was screaming, shouting, against those who brought from all other world just to change the majority from shitte to Sunni in Bahrain, the women was screaming bu salman , mean the king of Bahrain, she was saying come and see those who you brought from all other world and gave them houses and nationality and all other facilities that the original citizen can't get, come and see what did they do to us.

the story behind this is a fight happen before two days from that video been post, between one of the original citizen and those who brought from out side and they hit him, this is not the first time and it will not be the last time as its happening all the time, so Essa went to the police as a wetness saying that those Naturalized is guilty and Emad, which is the one who got the fight is not, then, the naturalized went to essa home asking him why you want to support this Bahrani? meaning why you want to support this and he is shitte, he said there are no different , so they hit him with all the what they can get and he went to hospital with Coma for 2 days and his sister was shouting at that situation.

i don't want to talk much about the story as i want to high how the citizen media could bring causes up , because that member shot the film and publish it in one of the most popular sites in Bahrain, with in two days more than 10000 watched that video in YouTube, and because it was women shouting, people couldn't standby and they want to support her, and because of all the announcement and news with updates posted via online media either blogger or forums or any other media, the cause was blowing up and with in two days, Hamad town where the fight happen and its mixed, Sunni and Shitte , they were going day by day just to kick those naturalized out of the city as they were brought because they royal family want, albandar cells wants. the good is, the demonstration happen wasn't only shitte, it was mixed between sunni and shitte, also its the first time since 50s that sunni and shitte been in one side against the police and security forces who already brought from the same countries that those naturalized came

this video if it not shot, no one will give a shit about what is going on, its something normal fights between original and naturalized, just two week ago, a boy been kidnapped and Rape without any real move, its only this the chance brought this camera man at that time to the hospital
Citizen media successful to bring this cause up and successful to keep it updated, life, and continue to feed it with ideas , it keep the news life about what is going in that area and about the how the security forces is moving and what is the situation there
and again, because every thing was documented, either by video or picture or any other documentary tools, its the first time that things happen since 4 years, and the ministry of interior just keep quite, they can't talk about any thing, they are just quite , no statement , no details about what is going on, they are just protecting the house of this guilty naturalized Syrian person

and all of that because the citizen media developed their way of working

Friday, December 12, 2008

Children of Heaven

Agha Ejaza

Children of Heaven, is an Iranian movie talking about poor family, father, mother son and daughter, Ali " the son" toke Zahra " the daughter" shoes to fix it but he lost it, so they can't tell their father because he can't offer to buy new one, they decide to share the Alis shoes so Zahra will take it in the morning and ali mid day and here the story of the film is started.

There are some films that I am watching them many times and I enjoy them like this one, and beat the drum, v for vendetta,, etc

Any one who is not close the Iranian culture may not feel that much interested watching such movies, but this film was great to reflect the real picture of Iranian poor families, how they are suffering, and living simple life, religious

The Iranian Literature is very rich of such human stories but its problem is it can't find a translation market to show the world the how the real Persian think

Zahra and Ali

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Lost identity

Did any one of those big leaders and politician asked our generation, what is our main problem at this time, did any study or any project been established to ask what is the main issues with this generation , did any for any reason asked him self and between him and him self why there are people burning , demonstrating , protesting screaming ,,, etc

And if there are , what was the question asked and the answers?

I didn't stop asking my self and judging my generation about many issue, and I discovered that our main issue is we are lost in discovering or dealing with out identity, we can't live with what ever we are suppose to do and what we want to do, we can't survive in this world with what did they told us , and with the system applied and rules we have to follow.

We can't just be Muslims and civilian , there are a big debate I wish others can look at it, I wish those big leaders can understand the new world with different point of view, that those speech which is been transfer since 1400 years may not be applicable at this time

In this era, what they call it " identity Era" that all the identities start to appear and growing up, strongly , by the power of blood or religion, and our identity didn't change, it’s the same, same speech with the same fundamental its been used, we are asked to keep our past as a holy things, but the new era doesn't give a shit about pasts

I can describe or explain or highlight our generation issue is with the identity, can we understand our identity and can we change it, can we just have another view of the identity?

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Remember Remember the 5th of December

Remember remember ,,, the 5th of December

Most of the new generation in Bahrain doesn't know what is 5th of December mean to the history of this country , it’s the date that the national security arrested Ali Salman because of his activity in demanding reform and returning back to 1973 constitution, so the things want just a sign to explode so it was.

Link that to the great film "v for Vendetta" the best film I ever seen in entire my life, and believe it or not I watch it more than 100 times, and still I enjoy it

Its just start with remember remember the 5th of November, just change it to 5th of December and link the events and situations to what we have here in home land, I will just try to pick up some words from that film

We are told to remember the idea

and not the man

Because a man can fail

you cannot kiss an idea

cannot touch it or hold it

Ideas do not bleed.

They do not feel pain

They do not love

And it is not an idea that I miss

There is something wrong with this country

Here I will stop to say that truly there are some thing wrong with our country, there are discrimination, there are Gangs controlling this country, and they have the power to do so and we , how we are weak , can't stop them

If you are looking to guilty you only need to look to the mirror

This is what always media telling us, we are the wrong, and they are the wise, they want to develop this country but we are the one who complaining and only complaining and for the homeland to be better, they should change us so they are doing this

People should not be afraid from their governments,

governments should afraid from their peoples

Compare it with what we have here in and see who is afraid from whom?

Violence can be used for good

And this is one of the roles that I am afraid one day we will think of it to protect this country from these gangs , as its been used now from them to kill us, tutor us

But the end result,

the true genius of the plan, was the fear

and for us to know why they are succeed until now we should know this, its our fear not their power, its our ideas which is need to be change