Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The crime of father regime my passport for sale

He was 15 years old, or 16 as other said, he just went out from local store in east refaa , he has been called from a foreign for a chat, then kidnapped, then raped , after that the guys who kidnapped him called another friends to tell him we have some one for you, so that also came to rape him to take his honor of doing this.

This is could be normal story in west world, the cable TVs and other channels will run to get the full story about this, but here in Bahrain its some thing different, because we didn't use for this kind of crime, we don't have this in our pure natural humanity so from where we got this?

All of those people are imported from other countries and been given the nationality of Bahrain within short time maybe one week, just to change the majority of Shiites comparing of the minority of sonni , this is the game that regime is playing it

This is not the first crime, its happen on daily basis, always big fights between these fresh Naturalized and the original people who born and lived in this homeland, its not the crime of Shiite or sunni as much as it’s the crime of the regime , to where they want to take this country, to which direction? And what is the expectation they are seen and we can't see no one know

Al Bandar report was a big issue that people can handle it and go with it to higher lever of fighting against this regime until things to be stopped, but we don't have good player , imagine dear readers, we were 600 thousands until 2001 and more than million now because of the nationalization as its make our nationality cheap comparing with other neighbor nationalities, that’s why, here is my passport for sale, any one who want to buy it he can make offer, but it will be sell for the cheapest price , if our regime didn't pay attention to it and didn't show how its valuable , why should I ?

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Redbelt said...

Dear Ali,
It is naive to think that any changes in society is due to naturalized citizens. There are many factors that play and people are affected by different things. It is called globalization.
We are affected by the internet, TV, movies, music, interaction with tourists, with foreign labour, with expatiate work force. So many changes in society MAY arise from one of these sources.
ALSO, the society can change by itself just like other societies who didn't have that eventually did.

Ali Abdulemam said...

Dear Redbelt,

I totally agree with you that not all changes happening in bahrain is due to naturalization and for sure there are local things direct the change, but what i mean is the naturalization is speeding up the changes in our society and its effect is clearly bad, i knew that soecieties after war will have much unstable condition and situation and its way of treating will be changes, this is could be apply for our society after what they call intefadha.
but i belieave that one of the main reason of increasing the Violence in our society is the naturalization
how ever i am kind of supporting globalization