Saturday, August 14, 2010

what they call " independence day"!!!

15 august 1971 day after the independence in Bahrain, the previous Amir Isa ben Salman meeting with Bahraini people for celebrating the independence

regardless of the reason of the arresting of Dr Abduljalil Al Sangeese, and regardless of this repeated event in every year with security threat but it was about what the security source said to the Arabic portal of BNA "not the English" about Al Sangeese planned to do an activities in "what they call it independence day" is what do we call it independence day? isn't it the day British army left Bahrain for us to run our own country, if its not an independence day, then what should we call it?

its our national day for our independence, we are celebrating for what should be our independence of owning our decisions, running our country, sharing the power, its something so normal so normal.

what's wrong with this regime so celebrating the independence day is a crime and we they say " what they call it independence day?"

and in the same day, our government and the king is sending his regard to pakistan for its independence day!!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Despised: A gift from Michel Jackson to Bahraini Prisoners

more than two weeks now since the Jaw prisoners starting their hanger strikes, more than two weeks and all of what is in the news is a tinny articles here or their , and the national human right created b the royal family and fully supported the regime, the regime is paying their salaries, their food, their price of fuck or been fucked, cause its one of their needs also so don't sue me, more than two weeks, those who suppose to watch us cus we gave them our voices they didn't give a shit about whats going on their, and those mother fuckers is just playing with our kids inside the jaw prisoners, indians, pakistanis or what ever mother fucker is working thier, no body is caring about the prisoners, no body, if some one wants to write some thing for sure he will say that they are wrong, he wont say that the ministry of interior or the ministry without mistakes did some thing wrong, he donesn't need to bullshit us this kamal eldeen and say he will issue a good reports, while his money is paid by the royal family, how ever michel jackson, the one most of the religious doesn't want us to hear him, and the jews doesn't want as usual

i think he talked about you prisoners of Jaw