Friday, December 12, 2008

Children of Heaven

Agha Ejaza

Children of Heaven, is an Iranian movie talking about poor family, father, mother son and daughter, Ali " the son" toke Zahra " the daughter" shoes to fix it but he lost it, so they can't tell their father because he can't offer to buy new one, they decide to share the Alis shoes so Zahra will take it in the morning and ali mid day and here the story of the film is started.

There are some films that I am watching them many times and I enjoy them like this one, and beat the drum, v for vendetta,, etc

Any one who is not close the Iranian culture may not feel that much interested watching such movies, but this film was great to reflect the real picture of Iranian poor families, how they are suffering, and living simple life, religious

The Iranian Literature is very rich of such human stories but its problem is it can't find a translation market to show the world the how the real Persian think

Zahra and Ali

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Anonymous said...

who play as ali and zahra? also their daddy? do you know? they dont put their name on the posters.

i've watch this move more than 5 times on tv, and i aint get bored yet.. hehehe