Friday, November 07, 2008

they should warn embassies not people

The ministry without mistake is in a big trouble now because of his last statement about attending conferences and workshops out side Bahrain that it should be approved by our great government, and it seems that the honey moon between ministry of interior and al wefaq party is ended since few months ago, so the semi war is started but I don’t have that big feeling it will be continue because I have a good experience with the mentality that alwefaq is working with

But this is not my point, my point is while the minister is announcing this statement, he should tell the other embassies in Bahrain that to don’t organize any meeting, any conference any workshop about Bahrain unless they informed our government and they get the approval for this, and it should be started with USA embassy as they are the one which its congress organized the last forum about Shiite situation in Bahrain, and also this embassy is organizing a lot of training materials and other staff for empowering women and the MAPI program which is founded by the ministry of state here in USA is paying for this training.

So the statements as it should legal and official should be tell to this embassies, frankly as its been told to this poor people , and the warning for using the law should be the same warning for the embassies

Can our minister of foreign do that ?

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