Wednesday, November 05, 2008

observer of United states Election

It was just few minuets after closing the voting centre in California to announce Barak Obama the first black president for the united state and western world , they didn't calculate the votes in western states , it was miracle obama just win the biggest election war in short time while we at Washingtonpost expecting to stay until late 3 or something like that waiting for the result of California and western stats to decide who is the new president.

Keeping eye American news sites such as CNN , Foxnews, NBC,New Yourk times, ABCnews, etc, trying to track and update Washingtonpost site with the result from them, feeling something interested and enjoyable , it was good experience for me to work at that important time with washingtonpost, thanks for IREX who provide me with this great chance

Today early morning I went to visit some of the votes centre in Virginia and Washington DC, it was quit, no long lines as we have, I know some states complaining about this issue but I didn't see it in these two states I've been visiting and monitoring, most of them were cooperated, they allow me to enter and toke some pictures , i asked some of American people who want to vote, most of them come to vote for change, I met one old man he was against obama and thought that he is here just because he don't want the democratic to win this election, I felt that they can't imagine losing , they can't believe that they were wrong all of the past years, actually this election was like Referendum for the republic planes over the past 8 years, obama make it, and make most of the people who live in united states to say it loudly.

There was a message from Obama to Hilary who said that Barak can't fight McCain, but he confirmed that he can do it.

At the end, you feel like human here, you are at the new world and see people making their choice of any thing they want it, and in our countries you see royal families making choice about any thing they want it even if its not applicable for the country

Picture of today

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