Friday, November 14, 2008

The Revenge

Yesterday, there was a news published in saying that the minister of information is going to be changed, that was posted in 1751 , at 1809 which is almost 20 mins latter it was posted in BNA - Bahrain News Agency and May Al Khalifa will take over the ministry of information after they change it to ministry of information and cultural, this news was published in BNA based on Nabeel Al Hamar, one of the consultancies our king have.

Al Hamar was the ministry of information before, and he couldn't live with the way May was managing the her department which is cultural so he went with her with a long fight then the decision came to change Al Hamar to Mohd Abdulghafar.

Abdulghafar also went through a lot of problem with her, tried to control, manage her but no use she was hard to be managed without what’s she wants, and in last year Jihad Bo Kamal assigned as the minister of information.

When Bo Kamal started his job, the problem is just exploded as its bigger, it was in the news paper and conferences, in the parliament and other area, but Bo Kamal could get the decision to change her and assign another one in her position, she returned to work in Ebrahim Al Khalifa Centre.
Before two days, there was a show in Bahrain TV with Ghazi Abdulmohsen, it was live, Ebrahim Shareef - president of Al Amal opposition party - was talking about the budget of the government and the budget of the king palace, and Nabeel Al Hamar passed this information that the ministry name going to be changed and the minister will be change to May Al Khalifa.

It look like they were so upset of the way Bo Kamal was managing the ministry and they get to change him the worse time and to replace him with one of his enemies just to insult him.

I hope this new minister will do something just to cancel this ministry as its an old fashion and we've been hearing since long time its going to be canceled but still it didn't, i hope for the TV to be better, i hope for the freedom of expression to be better, i hope for our culture to be better, but, its all about the system, the system will not allow that, the regime will not allow.

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