Thursday, November 06, 2008

The change with OBAMA

American people voted for Obama for the change he promise he gonna bring, change in economic, in foreign politic, in education system, in tax, but for us as Arab, and for us as Oppositions what changes could happen to us.
Obama is from the democratic party which totally different than the republican party, and totally different than neo-conservatism the neo-conservatism believe in forcing the democratic even by power and army, and they created this MAPI program for supporting the human right, freedom of expression, bringing the democratic for other countries, this is the same what MacCain said that he will have a community against the totalirism and dictators systems in the world to push on the freedom and democratic.

But what does the democratic party believe in? they believe of more liberal, they believe of not getting involved with other countries, they believe that we shouldn't be as American the peace keepers around the world and we shouldn't be involved for bringing more right to other countries, so what is the future of our oppressions now?

I know Obama was one of sen who should discuses the human right and discrimination issues in Bahrain, but what it will give more if we know that the Democratic party got more voices in this last election in Sen. will we have our voice against our government be loudly here in US, can we get another forum or speech in Congers? can the new democratic government do some pressure as our government is afraid from this foreign more than from their people? can go now for the next 4 years and continue our demands with new constitution and freedom of expression other things that its basic things for a human been?

i think the next 4 years we will have a bad time and bad situation and our great albandar cells will get stronger and more stronger , our voice wont be heard any more in the next 4 years, they don’t' believe in your right, they believe in their benefits

I know its sounds bad for others who are happy because OBAMA promised them to pull out from Iraq and he will not get involved for another war with Iran, but for me as living here, its sounds bad because again we will continue to be suffer from our systems

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