Friday, October 02, 2009

Three Years since Al Bandar Gate

in this month we are completing the anniversary of 3 years since al bandar gate was bombed in Bahrain, and yes nothing happen, Al Bandar Cells are stronger now, and civil society is more weak, Al Bandar reported showed us how those cells work againest Bahrain Nation but, after 3 years, we can see that all of us, leaders and normal peoples, programmed to do exactely what Al Bandar reportd said, we don't need any one to show us any more what was the plan to destroy us, as we are all working to destroy ourselfs, the opposition is fighting with each others , the leaders are daying for speaking in the Microphones, thursty to say we have fellows !!! and yeah, people is also willing to make leaders and bring down others, After Al Bandar gate what was the lesson we learned, its nothing

have we all notice how alBandar worked with the two sectors, as long the report success in programing the shitte for being fighting each other, The sunni sector is also believe that the plan mentioned in Al Bandar report should not be stopped and it should be continue? so what is the future of this homeland, do you want me to tell, its shit

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