Saturday, October 17, 2009

The bad UNESCO

I was driving my car today and saw the police is organizing the highway for around 40 cars flashing their lights and sticking the PM picture happy for his reward of the UNESCO for the ICT in Education

Well its just a question, can I hate the UNESCO, its not about hating Bahrain I love Bahrain, and I would like Bahrain to get more than reward, I am happy if it was real result, but with this situation I have to ask this, what was the point of giving the PM, our schools is poor, the education is not that good, using the ICT we hear about it in official media, but the fact, we have no ICT in our education environment, so what was the point of giving a guy who was proud of killing people – some of them were students – in one of his interviews? A guy who has been in his position as PM for more than 38 years , if our education system is good it will produce another generation who can take the leadership of this country with new blood . what was the point, and the funny is, it’s the king Hamad prize ,

Now I believe that all the UN departments or organizations is just politic

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