Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blog Action Day TOMORROW!

Hey bloggers,

Blog Action Day 2009 is tomorrow!

(Actually, for our friends in places like Japan and the Philippines, it's already the very early morning of Blog Action Day!)

More than 7000 bloggers have registered to participate and thousands more will join in the next 24 hours. There's already buzz growing across the blogosphere and on Twitter in anticipation, with updates from around the world every minute about the upcoming event.

If you haven't signed up, it's not too late.

We will have a live stream of all posts on the Blog Action Day homepage all day long tomorrow, so make sure to include the words "Blog Action Day" in your posts to have them pulled in. If you are on Twitter, you can use the hashtag #BAD09.

And if you're still wondering about what to write, we have a new list of resources to give you ideas and inspiration. We've also updated our list of opportunities to take action with our nonprofit partners.

There are more organizations and media from around the world involved in this year's event than ever before. But ultimately this day will be a success because of you. What makes Blog Action Day special are the thousands of individual choices of bloggers around the globe to break from their daily routine and unite to write about a topic that impacts us all.

This is it. One day, one issue, thousands of voices.

Thank you for your voice,

Robin Beck
Lead Organizer
Blog Action Day 09: Climate Change.

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