Saturday, July 04, 2009

In Bahrain, Justice before judgment

In the yesterdays news paper, it was mentioned a fight happen between 20 Bahraini and 4 UAEs citizen, the UAE citizen back to thier hotel, Priminister visit them, asked for new car to them, and Bahraini 6 in Jail waiting for the Judgement.

this is how the justice is fast, we dont need court , we dont need story details, we need nothing except listening to regime story and believe it no matter what is behind it, the true from the faulse
today in the news paper, Bahraini told their story, they said their were sexual Harassment from those UAE citizens, they stopped them,

the qustion is why the priminister is bypassing the court and local citizen?

what a government that sell its Rule to other stats?

i got this feeling that no one will defend me if i've been in any such situation in any other place while my original place is not suporting me, even in my place


Tom Carter said...

Bahrain relies heavily on tourism and hotels to fuel the economy. Something like this can be very bad publicity. Is it better to just sweep it under the rug?

Anonymous said...

The only reason why the PM stuck his brown nose into this particular case is because the UAE's ambassador to Bahrain got involved.