Saturday, July 11, 2009

His majesty is the first, our homeland is second

This is what kind of how do they maide the loyality to this homeland, his majesty deserver a better homeland than the current, his majesty is the first, and any other things is next, the citizen is next, building the homeland is next, first he should get that homeland, with peace and love, then other things, but no one is talking how his majesty will build up this homeland, how you will bring the peace? and how you will bring the love, its about writing in news paper as much as its an act, given people their freedom, their right to share the decision, people need to feel peace in their homeland first so the other will get back his peace, but threatening people, through them in prisons, toturing them, bringing others and nationalized them, selling the homeland to others just for free, is these things going to bring the peace to the homeland,

this is not a way to build up loyality, this just what those in power wants to hear, but, reality is totally different, and he is in the power, he should choose, either building the homeland with peace and love, or importing people from out side so he can build up the homeland he wants, with forigners like this Ales Samaan who is originaly not from Bahrain, and she is giving us a lesson on how to be loyal and how the homeland should be

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