Saturday, June 20, 2009

If Shara spoke, all eats hay

yesterday the superme leader khamenei spoke about the situation in Iran, and he got the final speech in Iran, he got the politic power and the Religious power, so he could just shut the states quite, no more protest or demonestrates, he just got the final speech, the last speech, no one inside iran can do any thing after his speech, wow, how come we still have such strong people and they can by one speech points his finger to where the things should it go, and it goes?

we have this idiom in Arab region if shara spoke, all of us should eats hay, its just to explain how shara is strong, and shara is the holy things they think its comes from God, and yesterday speech, was having that frame, it came from the superme leader in religious, it was coming from the biggest leader not only in Iran, in all shiite , he got the majority,

but my qustion is, is that the way we solve the issues? we have people demanding, people asking for what they think its their right, and we just shut them by these two powers? we don't set and talk, have some chat about the real issue, instead of blocking social networks web sites, blocking the blogs, SMS not working, Telephone is almost censored and mostely not working, BBC persian not working, other channels not working, Internet is too slow and very censored, forigens media not allow to work inside Iran, instead of having all of this, can't we just admit we have a problem and there is some thing wrong in this Iran so we need to find out whats people demands and what is people qustions, either we can answer them , obey then, or we can just talk with them, people wants some one to talk with them, i mean talk with them not talk to them, i mean some one get in to dialogue with them not giving order to them?

this kind of speech if its success now to shut things down in iran, it might not be applicable or acceptable for the next election

i hope that i will not be classified one of agents who works for USA or UK or worst Israel, but, this is the way i am thinking dear superme leader, and i like it this way, sorry i know you are waley elfaqeeh, but, i believe that welayat faqeeh is human thought not god verses and i don''t believe in it


Haythoo said...

I think the leader speech was the best solution for Iran situations. As I believe, what happened in Iran present that they believe they are one nation after all!

In Bahrain, some people Say's, let the faqeeh talks, If his speech is in our side, we will take it, If it's not, we will leave it, or we could use the words and ignore the meaning!

Ali Abdulemam said...

Dear Haythoo

Thanks for your comment, however it seems you didn't read my post, and please don't reflect your prespective of bahrain, to other issues or region, and please, i have my own views which is not close to your comment, its not about asking the faqeeh to speak and accept or not his speak, its my right to accept or not , just remember that, and its the right for the people also, so i will accept what ever i want to accept either from faqeeh or from bad guys if i want it, its depend on me myself, not what other said

Haythoo said...

Relax Dear...
of curse...

if it's not about asking the faqeeh, why we should care about what he said then?

If it's not about listening to the faqeeh, why eveybody is waiting for faqeeh singing!

I'm not against you at all, but, we need to take our life characteristic seriously, we can't change things like that, we need to look at people belives!

accepting what ever you want is your right, and it's natural right for everybody.

lizardo said...

it's hard to find somebody who will get you in this country mate.

take haythoo as an example !

even though that u said that u don't what compare between both situations: Iran and Bahrain, but, let me!.

actually it's so weird how people here are unfair.