Friday, June 19, 2009

Khamenei, They love their country

Todays superme leader Khamenei speech, was clear about one point that i used to talk with my friends about it when we were talking about the situation in Iran as they were insist to use the power to crack down the protest and end it in the street while i was telling, they are 33 % of the voters so they have the right to protest and to loude their demands, today Khamenei telling directely all of the candidators loved iran and they tried to built up iran in different way, but they are building the same regime not different one

and i hope the paseej and pasdaran will know this from there leader that those protesters in the street are iranian, they love Iran and they are not peace of shit you need to get ride of it, they are IRANIAN
about changing the regime, khamenei said that using the street is not acceptable, and i can understand why he did said that, but i believe, people have the right to change their regime if they like to do, its all the people decision not the leaders

we are watching, is khamenei going to end every thing in the street, lets see

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