Friday, June 19, 2009

Iran election, from Bahraini perspective

At the begining let say that having this election in one of our neighbour is something we should care about it because we don't have that much freedom, or less than that also

i watch the news, blogs, twitter, facebook, all the citizen media type during the last week in addition to the tradition media like alaalm TV and wanna compare my experience and thought with what is going on in Iran

first when i was watching alaalm, i felt that i am watching Bahrain TV , all the opposition are linked to forignes , they are not loyal, no permession for the opposition protest but for Najad its published in TV as the background during the news programmes, i didn't see any different between this totalirsm regime and our, both are using the same tools to prove for themself that we have the majority and the others even if they are 33% have nothing, have no access to the regime media, have no right to protest, have no right to loud their voice, this is not freedom kingdom this totalirism regime

Iran blocked facebook, twitter, sms yahoo, blogs, all the ports that citizens media wants to talk throught as the tradition media is not accessible for them, and why is that? they don't have the right to talk? to show the rest of word thier is something different in this country? their is something wrong with this kindom? and why these systems afraid for other voice to be heard? i don't know

Najads speech when he was saying that you broke the forignes planes and those are BAD, he was talking about whom? about 13 milions vote to Mosavi? he was talking about 33% from the voices they are agents for USA and Israel? is this is a speech for the coming presedent? instead of offering sharing power with this 33 % he is deleting them from the formula? this is not human freedom? this is Najad view and not linked to any human perspective

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Anonymous said...

Autocracies never succeed for the long term. When I try to examine the politics and the religious indiscretions of the middle east I am left with a feeling of more of the same. The theocracy of Iran is an autocracy. The re-election of the Iranian tin president is wasteful. I feel for your frustrations, but I do believe that you need to deeply review the contradictions of your politics and your religion. They cannot ever dovetail.