Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ministry without mistake

I want to write about this ministry since long time but every time I said to my self lets don’t' get in such subjects , politics subjects, as am planning to get rid of this shit, but every time with this daily operation ministry you can see that this ministry is really without mistake, this is the ministry of interior

I can understand that they don’t want to be mistaken for some of the issues like Al Shakhoori who killed in front of USA embassy even if the court said so, I can understand that Ali Jassim got the same reason for the ministry to don't be mistaken, ok further I can understand that in every demonstration or protesting they are kicking people ass by there soft bullet which is not allowed to be use inside USA and their onion smell as our greatest ministry always saying

But the things you can't understand is why always this ministry is without mistake, in every where, why this ministry can't feel guilty for one time as we were killed and tortured in there buildings for a years and those who tortured us and killed us still big boss in this shit ministry, how can I feel that this new management did some changes if he is planning for killing us , and bring died body to arrest people for half of year just to keep us in such problems, and when the defender brought an official document prove that this person died before 5 months of the date announced by the ministry of interior, and even when the club confirmed that one of those who arrested for this crime already been in the club playing and having dinner during the murder time
Let us count some of the incidents happen since this new reform they call it after attacking peace demonstration, in the court even if the attack lead to new management and reform but the court didn't say any thing against this government organization

Before 3 years one boy from al sanadi family was driven the car and they was running after him – while its not legal based in bahrain law- until he made an accident and he died because of this and no investigation been made

Moosa AbdAli who have been under attack and tortured for many time , people from this ministry kidnapped him from his house and they rapped him, but nothing happen
Ali Jassim been killed without any investigation, and this ministry were releasing press about his reason of death even before the body been taken to the hospital to find out what is the reason?!

And a lot more than this about this ministry which I didn't see any mistake they did during my life, and why is that

What push me to write this is the meeting happen between the minister and al moqdad who talked about releasing this ministry from the royal family, why this minister is so sensitive about any thing been written about him, and he feel like we are without mistake and he is publishing an article in newspaper after this Police man death document which is prove that he died before 5 month and all things is just a game for a politic demands ?

Just a question for all of you

Would you love to live in a countery and this countery is planning all the time how they can get rid of you?

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