Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Frist day in Emerging Leaders Fellowship

Today was our day in the program I am attending " Emerging Leaders Fellowship" in Media Management, we attend the three sessions for today held in Northwestern University in Chicago and the speaker was Mike Smith.

It was the first day and the longest day actually, we start gathering for walking at around 0800 Chicago time and walked to university for 15 mint, then Mike start to talk about the background of Chicago and the university, also some of the American Culture and history been covered in this session, it was interested session we didn't feel that the time is passing on until the coffee break which is scheduled to be in each 90 mint.

The second session start at around 1015 with Mike Smith also who talked about the strategy background and the important of having strategy for any project and he list the 7 point you should follow for this strategy which is

and we were having a debate about the different between the strategies, goals and tactics as it was not clear for some of us, the debate also was great so each one will benefit from others

after the lunch we were having our 3rd session with Hazel Reinhardt who talked about understanding the shifting sands, she was trying to let us understanding the environment we are working in and whom to target in our media business , she continue talking about this even after the break for the session No 4 with more numbers and statics she provide it for us.

At 1700 we attend the special lecture for David Ropeik and he was talking about risk communication and this is one of the best lectures i attend them since i came to USA , people here know how to analyze things and passing the messages directed we should learn from their way, David was talking about how is the bad news for you is a good news for the media and he mentioned that the news paper or media although the writer wants his name to be in the front page so he will do what ever strange even if its bad for you to get his name in the first page next day.
At the end we were having the dinner at the Allen center where is our class is located in the university

now let me talk about this place we are in and how its a pretty place, the weather don't ask me about it, its cold at the morning when you wake up, but after that its hot until night, they are talking that tomorrow its gonna rain and it will be cold after few days, i am suppose to spent around 21 days here in Chicago and i waiting for this cold to come, the trees got multi color, you can see it yellow , green, red, and in the first time in my life, i can see that the same tree got more than 4 colors in the same time, there is only one things bad here, is when its come to 1900 you feel like in Arab cemetery were every things is dark and you don't see the city as the down town is 40 mint by the bus far away, actually its a college city not a normal city

meet you in our next day in great program

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