Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Adv and media

In the second day of our fellowship with IREX I discovered that all the media editors and chief although with the instructors are concentrating about the adv in the media and how to get loyal customer or reader in order to get the loyal advertiser and how to keep them, how to pull them, and I just picked up this relation ship between the advertisers and the media in Bahrain and how its totally different here.
Well in our sessions today we had Tom Collinger who talked about the media Brands and how to build customer loyalty and then we had ED Malthouse and Bob Calder who talked about understanding the consumer experience , actually all of them looks like they are completing each others, you will not think at all that one is speaking in west and other in the east. They are explaining the same concept of adv and its relation with the media and how the marketing department should work and how to get the media, which is push us when we have the dinner with Dean John the big boss in the university to continue our question about this relation ship between the media organization and the advertiser, and how should got the power
In the first session Tom was telling us the few things about customer loyalty which is :
Value exchange
And in the other session with Bob and Ed they were going deeply with this and they were explaining the contents\ contact which is interact with the platform then you will be able to define the brand which is your median bio. At the end they gave us practice to write the brand name for al Arabia organization and how we can define the brand then how to improve it
Well this question is continue from the first day and its come here in the second day but stronger, why is the relationship between the advertiser and the media organizer is different in our environment than the way its exist here and why its more healthy here than in our environment. Here as john said, we are selling the advertiser our audience or reader so he will benefit, but in our environment the advertiser is buying our mouths and our silent of what ever mistakes he is doing, I just told them this story about one of our chief editor who told his organization, I don’t want you to write any thing bad about three organizations, one is batelco our biggest telecommunication company in Bahrain, of course with MTC and the second was NBB the national bank of Bahrain and the last is our government as he explain why, he is paying the salaries from their advertiser, so he can't lose their adv because of the concept of the media, how ever he is saying that I am a free media
We don’t have free media in our home, what we have is a trademark relations ship between two companies one is the advertiser and the other is the media either its news paper or what ever, even our parties they are some how linked with the money so they can't get rid of it. This is the fact we are facing it in Bahrain
I am learning a lot of things here and I keep dream that one day our lovely country Bahrain will have the chance to show it self
I have a dream, should I dream the rest of my life

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