Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Island deserve to smile

Last night it was one of the nights i missed, i do remember 1995, i do remember 2001, i do remember 2004, and i will remember 2009, still, since long time back we have this demands for reform, and replying to that we have security situation, and yet we will celebrating nights, the same style of celebrating every times, but at the end, this island deserve to smile.

We all happy because of what happen, no matter what is the things behind it, the most important is we love this island, we want the real reform for this island, so we shouldn't be in the prison because of our love, but those cheaters should be.

last night, you can see dramatic act from people who are happy, young is dancing, others in the cars, women watching, but what is toke my heart is, an old women maybe 50s or more, she was Clapping her hands in the road, she toke some roses from the road, through them on faces, and she had the rest in my face and my car, i will not forget this women, i will not through that rose

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