Thursday, April 16, 2009

Basketball match between Sunni and shiite

Last night it was a basketball match between Al Ahli club and Muharraq Club, the winner will be the hero, all tickets sold after 30 mint from opening the box office, why is that

its clearly that Al Ahli fans from Shiite and Muharraq fans from Sunni, and since long time the celebrate from Al Ahli fans was including the name of Khomaini, and also its known as match between Sunni and Shiite, this is the mentality we are living with it here in Bahrain, beside if it was with Manama then it will be between Arab and Persian . we are always thinking of our roots, where we come from like this will lead us to some where

because Al Ahli was prepaired to celebrate with the name of Khomaini again because they want to demonestrate their feeling, and their identity so they sport union in Bahrain announce that Al Ahli will pay 4000 BD , plus its not allowed to play out side Bahrain, plus the fans not allowed to support their team for the next season

we can understand that fans are emotionaly act last time, and they may did mistakes, but, what we can't understand is if the union bring its nose to this and take this action like they just want to prove we are here, and those union didn't see all the other mistakes by other fans, its just showing another way of Discrimination againest Shiite , and they are telling us we are equal but we don't see that equal and we are sick of complex of trust between us and the regime?

ok, we have a politic problem with the regime, and we have security issue, we have other issues, but please, for god sake, keep other things clean from your touch

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