Friday, May 13, 2005

comments about the wall street

i received this email from some one in US about the report posted in the wall street journall, i like to share it with you

Read your story in Wednesday's edition of the Wall Street Journal. I wish you and your countrymen luck in your struggle for democratic freedom. After reading the article it appears that the ruling family only wants to grant freedom that will not endanger the freedom they have to remain in power. It amazes me as an American that there are still places in this world where people do not have the basic right of freedom of speech.

I wish I could read the postings on your site, but unfortunately I cannot read Arabic. Perhaps I am better off, because I might get angered at anti-American rhetoric. My only wish is that the people of Islamic faith would speak out against the fundamentalists that only wish to destroy anyone other then those of their own faith. I have several friends here in the USA who are Islamic and we never have a problem getting along. Matter of fact one girl in particular, who is from Pakistan, and myself once worked in a restaurant owned by Israelis. We all got along quite well for years!! Freedom can do that!

I can honestly tell you most Americans could care less about the Middle East, or for that matter any other country in the world. They are too busy working, watching TV and enjoying life. What recently drives the hatred of Islam here in the USA is the news stories of terrorists abroad. People get sick of hearing about, thus giving the US government more freedom to deal harshly with these groups and countries such as Iraq. Just remember, the majority of people here in the USA could care less what color your skin is, what religion you practice, and what country you are from. We are more concerned with the freedom and liberty to do as we please and welcome the opportunity to help others achieve the same.

I wish you luck in your struggle.



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I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!