Friday, November 06, 2009

Why its either ME or OTHERS

whenever its time for freedom of expression or thinking, the equasion became is either me ( my self) or others ( family, friends, society) and why is that equasion at the begening, i like to be free in thinking, i like to have my own ideas and my own believes , faith, pictures ,,etc, whenever i think about i am already programmed that there are others who i should care about what they are going to say about this idea, or that believe, why i programmed to think about them, and forgetten my self, the others became the first priority and me is the second, i should live in Contradiction for my life to go smooth, people doesnt accept you to be out of the box, they insist you shoud inside the stupid box, that box they Inherited from their old generations and they want to deliever it to the next generations without changes !!!
all of what i am asking is to be free, nothing more, nothing less, freedom of expression,

some times i am thinking is it wrong with me or with the others

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