Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Cold War between Batelco and TRA

before around one month i called Batelco complaining about the weak signal inside my father house, it was in in Ramadhan time, they promissed to visit the next day which they did and fair enought.

They didn't solve the problem, they promissed to get back, again after some time i called following up and they gaive me the ticket numer in their system for follow up which is 895129.

before few days Batelco called me and told me the signal is fine now outside the house but inside the house we cannot do any thing due to TRA is refusing all Batelco's plan to improve the signal while batelco is giving all the possibilities for other companies which is compotitors with batelco but they are refusing all Batelco's plan , the speaker from Batelco was repeating and insisting to mention the crime of TRA againest batelco and trying to push my angury to blame TRA not batelco, and they were repeating we cannot do any thing till the approval come from TRA for upgrading the Signal.

infact batelco and TRA was in Cold war since the issuing of this TRA , their is a personal problem between both of them i believe, one of my friends work in Batelco and he informed me that their is a order for all Batelc staff to don't talk with any one work in TRA about Batelco, and before two weeks TRA charged batelco with amount of money to be paid as part of punishment , while batelco thinking to go to the cort for judgment.

actually its cold war between both of them, and each one was supported by one of the big heads in the homeland, actually i don't give a shit about their war as long as i should get the services based on SLA , and i hate batelco yes, BUT i hate TRA more, and yes i hate other telecommunications companies , but i believe that the service coming from batelco is the best thats why i stuck with batelco with out changing to any other company, but as an advise for batelco, batelco doesn't have any program for the loyality customer like me, so their is nothing push me to stay with Batelco , if the war between TRA and Batelco will make Batelco services poor and down, why should i stay with batelco, i am just thinking of moving from this company

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