Saturday, February 07, 2009

reform the reform project

I am not going to enter the debate of whom is the owner of the reform project in Bahrain, is it the opposition who was asking for it since 75 when the previous prince cancelled the constitution or the king when his father died so he said i will do the reform, this debate will not give credit to any part, it will just keep us this stupid cycle.

what am going to talk about it is, the reform project which they call it is "the king project" and its stopped since 14th Feb 2002 when the king issued new constitution which gave him more power, and made him have the full control of every thing in this homeland

its clear that the reform project stopped at that time, and Bahrain is just entering from a security issue to another because of the gangs they are in power and they just fight with each other. what Bahrain need is not thanking letters from this or that, Bahrain doesn't need to keep talk about how we are good comparing with other neighbors Bahrain need just another strong step to say we stop at 14th Feb 2002 and we can't move front because of it so it will need a brave man to say it and obey the next step.

actually we need to reform the project, we need to look to this people ask what they want, remove those gangs from the positions which because of that they can lead us to a dark future, we need some one to say this is wrong, as simple as this, or as V said in "V for Vendetta " when he said, their is something wrong with this country . but do we need to explode the parliament for them to believe that THEIR ARE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY"

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