Saturday, January 10, 2009

changing the regime and dissolution of Parliament Unconstitutional

since two weeks now, there are some kind of high level speech in Bahrain, and its from all sites, starting with the regime against the people , coming to Sunni salafi against Shiites coming to Shiites oppositions asking for changing the regime, those different type of speech indicate that Bahrain is coming to what we can call it a very hot politic atmosphere.

The situation in Bahrain now is very hard, its never come at all with this Political congestion between the people and the regime, and what Abdulhadi said before 4 days about changing this regime or what he call it "Gang ruling" in Bahrain asking for bringing them down and changing them if they didn't change and they didn't change their act against people or targeting Shiites so this is something totally logically and nothing to do against the law because the law is to protect people not protect regime while the regime is working and targeting the freedom of people

it’s a good message to be sent to those who own the decision in royal family that it’s the time that never come before, ash Isa Qasim said " the security is exchange secure, not your secure against my secure" that was the yesterday speech of Isa Qasim and its conclude the situation in Bahrain they need to understand , no one till now asking for changing the royal family and we hope this time will not come, we are only asking for changing this regime which is built on targeting us, denying us , we just want to be equal with others from the royal family, we are asking to decide what we want for this country its something basic for all humans around the world.

But so sorry to know that some of the those in the decision maker position thinking seriously to The dissolution of Parliament Unconstitutional so we will repeat the 1973 constitution again and the homeland will go through the black period again, this is not solution and it will not built up our country for the next years, they need to think deeply about the cost which no one can handle it


بو محمد said...

Dear Ali
The increase in intensity of the type of speech that you highlighted is not a local thing. I believe that it has started in different parts of the region and the aim is to make it a regional case or issue.

تقبل مروري
دمت و الأهل و الأحبة برعاية الله

Ali Abdulemam said...

Thanks Bo Mohammed for your comments, its really good sign from you,

you are most welcome i am happy of your visit