Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's going on between the royal family and alwefaq?

I don't know the real reason for this war and why its been exploded, and i think there is something bigger than this behind the war, but let us talk about what its general

Alwefaq did her general conference which is happening every year, and they invited people from out side Bahrain, Ali Salman who is the big boss in alwefaq society gave a speech about the current situation in Bahrain, he talked about alot of things, constitution, naturlization, descremination,,,etc the things all of us speak about it every day and suffering from it every moment, so the Boss also said that half of the governement is from the royal family plus plus, and plus plus meaning the big positions in this countery is reserved for them

so the royal family get upset and started its dirty war, its all because we said we have more 10 minister from the same family out of 20 minsiters? we just highlight this situation, does it ring a bell in any where? we are just qusitoning this royal family, why there are more than 10 ministers from the same family and the other half of the ministers are from other bahrain, what is the secret behind that? its just a "WHY"

so if the royal family faild to answer and this is what is happening, they started their dirty war, and i am saying its a war between alwefaq and the royal family, its nothing to do with the regime? its nothing to do with the law? its just royal family wants to keep every thing between their hands and people who want real change? which is not going to happen while the lord is supporting them

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