Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Arab Award For Innovation Media to Bahrain's King

The Arab Media Forum gave its yearly award this year to our king Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, for his support to the media and his hospitality to it, the Arab Media Said that becuae of his majesty support to the media and for his reform project - which just in the media by the way- he deserve this award.

when i went to have a look to the offecial site of the arab media forum i found that they choose the nomination because of their support to the media , but here is a fast look to what kind of support we have it since 10 years of reform project

since 2002 is blocked and whenever their is a way or a link to bypass the local ISPs proxy it should be blocked again

in 2005 3 of Bahrainonline moderator arrested for more than 2 weeks and the charges was insulting HIS MAJESTY

in 2008 more than 7 was arrested because of their online activisim
in 2009 Hasan Salman was arrested because of his online activism and he is still in jail and his charge is publishing public record, which the name of the special forces
in 2009 one news paper was stopped for one day because of one article
in 2009 the new minister of media issued a statement to block more than 100 sites all of them are for the opposition and number one was
in middle of 2009 again the minister of media issued another statement to block more than 1000 sites
in 2009 reporters without borders gave Bahrain low grade for the freedom of media

so is that enought to tell that Arab Media Forum is just another lie?

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