Friday, February 12, 2010

Ministry without mistake & HRW Report

I spoke many times about this ministry, and i called it the ministry without mistake, because they never ever admit any mistakes happen, they didn't kill us, they didn't torture us, they didn't do any thing, every thing, every fact, every sign to them its just bullshit, and now after the Human right watch report which mentioned clearly that torture exist in Bahrain they refuse and the guy who know in Bahrain with (قير صحيح) Bin Daina again said the same bullshit, its not true,

if that report was in a countery that respect human and humanity, the first thing going to happen is pulling this minster to interrogation for such stories in that report, but with a state like this you can't expect more than " its not true"

please have a look in to this report and see what kind of interior we have, can this minister justify why they are bringing mercenary from Pakistan, India, Syria, Yemen, Iraq,,, etc and they can't trust the native people?

what a shame place to live

Torture Redux

The Revival of Physical Coercion during Interrogations in Bahrain

Posted by Abduljalil Alsingace at 7:06 AM

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